Movie Night

So, I noticed the official New Moon poster was released just recently. Really like it. Minus a few flaws. Seriously. Bella shouldn’t be as pretty as she looks in this poster. Bella…the plain girl who, if I remember correctly, doesn’t wear make up. I can really see some make-up on her in this picture though. I shouldn’t. Just saying. =]

Taylor Lautner’s looking pretty good, although, I would’ve expected him to look a little…taller. How tall is Edward supposed to be again? I’ve forgotten but I’m sure he’s gotta be shorter than Taylor by the end of the book, don’t you think? Darn it, I’ve forgotten those little details. Ah well, such is to be expected after many months of studying =]
And Rob Pattinson? Well, he’s just Rob Pattinson. Looking pale and stuff in the foreground. Love the fierce look in Jacob’s eyes, keeping Bella and Edward apart. Did you know? My favourite character from the Twilight saga is Jacob Black? Yes, that’s right, I’m on team Jacob. =P
In other news, I went to watch X-Men Origins: Wolverine this evening. Didn’t happen. Instead, I watched Fast & Furious. It was good but I really did want to watch Wolverine. All available media stated that there was a 6:45 show, but no, when we get there there’s only a 9:15 show. Ridiculous. From the ruckus people made during the trailers (especially after the Wolverine trailer), I knew we weren’t the only ones who got their movie plans changed up. They better bring back a 6:45 show. I really wanted to watch that on a big screen!
And, again, I must mention Star Trek. It’s been a trending topic on Twitter for DAYS since it’s release. I never really counted the days but, correct me if I’m wrong, I believe it’s been trending for at least 5 days so far. Pretty cool, huh? Yes, yes, marvel in it’s greatness xP
I wonder what the next movie I see shall be?

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