Logical or Illogical?

I’ve finally restarted the Left Behind series. A couple of months ago I had left off at Book 5: Apollyon. Now that summer is in the air, I’m more than happy to continue reading the series. Starting with, of course, Book 6: Assassins.
I’ve been doing stuff in between and keeping busy, so I haven’t really gotten far in the book. Tomorrow I’ll be picking up from Chapter 7.
I’m still madly and insanely happy about watching Star Trek. I’m even happier that it was the first movie of my Summer vacation. I love that movie. Seriously. That’s a must have on DVD for me. How can I not have a movie that I’m this in love with on DVD? There are few movies that I’m usually THIS enthusiastic about so that’s saying quite a lot, in my opinion. My obsessions normally only last for a month, at most, so I’m curious to see how long this one will last =] Next movie to see: X-Men Origins – Wolverine.
And then there’s the Jonas Brothers. I’ve been a huge fan of theirs since August last year and I still am, surprisingly enough. As previously mentioned, I don’t usually have long lasting ‘obsessions’ so I think the Jonas Brothers have definitely made an impression on me. It’s not just how they sing or what they sing about, but also the way they live their lives everyday and see how they can truly motivate people through music. Unlike some certain tunes out there in existence that are, honestly, just crap. They may sound upbeat and great to listen to, but the lyrics are awful and disgusting. Really. Crap. Of course, I hardly care about what other people think of my taste in music =]
Star Trek isn’t my only recently picked up obsession. But Zachary Quinto is as well. An impeccably talented actor. He portrays his characters so well that I can’t help but get caught up in them. I’m only still learning about him little by little but reading about his past, after graduating from University reminded me of something: Every successful person in life has a story. Every person who is introduced into the prosperity of their successes has had an incredibly “down” period of their life. 
I think that staying true to oneself is key.
Zachary Quinto
From: GQ Germany Photoshoot

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