Jotaro Saito

Exams are over! And summer has blossomed =D

モード和食総本店 笹次 – Japan
Look at the roof!

I was browsing around the internet and I came across this website for Jotaro Saito. He’s a 27-year old artist, born in a family of artists and has been deemed as one of the youngest kimono designers. He also does interior designing and has various other products. So I was looking through his various collections from over the years and I really liked these:
     赤いキモノ [2004]         百鼠 (ひゃくねずみ) [2007]
Gothic Camillia [2008] 
If I remember correctly, I read somewhere that he’s one of the few kimono designers who designs kimonos for everyday wear instead of only special occasions. 
I know putting on a kimono is a rather long task that can’t be done on your own but I’d love to try one on someday =]

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