My Dearest Dell

My dearest Dell =]
See how there’s a lovely glowing blue light that’s just glowing off of any nearby object that catches the light? Guess what that is =]

Oh how I love my Dell. It’s barely 3 years old and my lil Inspiron 6400 is starting to go downhill in its functions. Of late, the system would freeze and become totally unresponsive (any repeated attempts for response evokes a rather loud and unpleasant *BEEP*). It’s been going on for the past 3 weeks or so and its only been getting progressively worse. 
Recently, I’ve been using the laptop as little as possible so that I can concentrate more on studying. However, when I do decide to make use of it to check email, etc. it constantly frustrates me. Not to mention, when I’m in a rush and need to find something urgently, whether it’s to open a file, a folder, or check an email, it just HAS to freeze up on me. I can tell you, that everyday my laptop froze at least 10 times for about 2-3 mins. And programs alone…well it happens so often I’m not sure if I’d come up with a high enough number.
It’s becoming really frustrating and the fact that it’s getting worse doesn’t make things any better at all. I don’t know what’s wrong with it…3-4 weeks ago, my laptop was working like it did 6 months ago and now all of a sudden it goes plop? I run daily virus scans (automatic) with AVG and I never get any reports about threats and stuff on my laptop. I dunno. 
In about a month, I should be getting a new laptop. A 17″ MacBook Pro. I can’t wait for it. =D But I’ll still be keeping the good ole PC around…for as long as it lets me =] I still love my Dell the best because it survived a swim in Fruit Punch (all thanks to a stupid 6/7 yr old boy who seemed to have thought it would be fun to pour juice on the keyboard) without any problems at all. (Yes, I was very surprised too…I was ready to cry at it’s funeral because I only got the laptop 6 months earlier)
So, I said I’d take a pic of the lovely blueness of my awesome new cooling pad and so you’ve seen a pic! Yay! I thought I’d take a peek at what it looks like under the laptop too and it looks pretty cool too =D 
Can you see all 3 fans? Here’s a hint: they’re glowing =o
P.S. The laptop froze 3 times and the browser froze 5 times in the time it took to type up this blog. How awful is that?

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