Top: Old pair
Bottom : New pair

So, I got me a new pair of spectacles! Haha, I love that word…spectacles! The new pair isn’t as thick as it looks, it’s really thin..and lighter than my old pair too! And the old pair has more rounded corners and they don’t bend behind the ears.

When I went to pick up the new pair today, the lady had to keep fixing the ear thingies cuz one side felt tighter than the other and it was awhile before she got it right. All the while, I kept thinking “I’m never getting glasses with the bend ever again, it’s too troublesome.” But if I’m really gonna keep to that, then I’ll be getting my next pair overseas since the options here are way too limited. I was wearing contact lenses when I went to pick it up so I wasn’t wearing it for long…but now that I’m home and wearing it, I need to go back and fix the nose pieces. They’re too wide apart and the glasses keep annoyingly slipping down my nose a little bit (doesn’t go all the way thanks to the hooked ear thingies thankfully lol so they do serve some good purpose every so often.)
Actually, my last pair came from Hong Kong almost 3 years ago. I remember how my old pair used to hurt behind my ears cuz of the pure straightness. Have to get used to a new pair again…Ah yes, good times…

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