Games Night

The Faculty of Medical Sciences had a “games night” planned out tonight. Not a huge thing. And it was way fun!

Everyone brought whatever games they had at home. I don’t really have any…at all (yeah that’s a bit sad) except for a deck of playing cards and UNO! There were other games there like Taboo, Clue, Mafia (I think it was?) and a dude who lives on hall had a PS3 there. When I got there around 7:45 (we were supposed to meet at 7 @ Frank Worrell Hall, UWI), I thought I was late. Turns out I was early! It slipped my mind the way things work here. Bajan 7pm means anytime after 8pm haha. Dunno how I let that one get by me.

I was throwing out the garbage and walking down my driveway this evening and, as usual, I was looking up at the sky (I love looking at the sky at night). And I saw the sliver of the moon and a star right next to it. I called my Mum to look at it and she told me to take a picture…so I did!

Makes me think little storybook pictures and drawings that portray the moon and stars together…right next to one another. Not something I really see often in real life though =]


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