First off…I forgot yesterday was Valentine’s Day! Not that it’s existence ever did much for me in the past though. I honestly couldn’t care less for the day and I don’t see why it should be so special. I’ve never bought anyone anything for V-day and I probably never will =]

Moving on…I love this time of the year! But this time of the year is going by and soon it’ll be gone and it’ll be oven-hot all over again =[ The coolest time of the year in the tropics will be dearly missed until October/November *sigh* So as far as I’m concerned, there are 2 seasons (other than the designated rainy and dry seasons since it’s not really rainy during this period): hot and cool =]

So the past week really wasn’t the best week for the year. My mom had an unfortunate fall and hurt her ankle (thank goodness it’s not so bad that she can’t walk). It’s been swollen for a few days already and it’s not going down so she’ll have to call and make an appoint to see a doctor. She hasn’t been able to drive, of course, and so I’ve been doing an extra bit of driving. She still cooks though but I do pretty much everything else…washing the dishes, laundry and house cleaning (yay for me!). As a doctor in the making though…I felt utterly useless (something I think/feel quite often: one of the most useless people in the world).

The 3rd week of UWI has gone by and I’ve done a little reading for some of my courses so far. But I doubt much of it has stuck in my head *sigh* I have a tutorial on Wednesday with the worst lecturer in the world. I haven’t even bothered trying to listen to her lectures so I don’t really know what’s been going on and I’m still not quite into the studying so I’m totally lost. Yet she wants us all to talk and discuss and talk and talk and talk in her tutorial. Ugh, I hate those kinds of things…even more so when I haven’t been studying.

But she truly is the worst lecturer, ever. She has a condescending attitude towards us but she can’t explain a concept properly…in fact, she doesn’t even go through the basics and skims over the more important things like related diseases. She just sends us extra handouts and says read them! But she doesn’t go through them in class or anything. I don’t like at ALL! She’s so frustrating! I wish she would just go back to wherever she came from *cry*


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