Farewell 2008!

Kanpai~! xD

Happy New Year!

I got to ring in the New Year with most of my friends at a house lime I had =D It was fun fun and my Mum made awesome food as usual =D We watched movies and played Rock Band 2 and Call of Duty and we just hung out and had fun =]

A few people left a little early but most didn’t leave till the wee hours of the morning…like 5:30 and 6:30 xD And I was wakeful for the entire time! I didn’t go to sleep till about 8:30ish though cuz I had to drop a friend to work by 7:30 and another friend I had to take home. So when I came back home I ate some breakfast, put on some PJs and went fast to sleep. Yay for being up for 22.5 hrs or so! It’s a new record in my book lol.

Hope everyone else had a good New Year’s Eve/New Years as well! And I wish everyone the best for 2009 =D


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