Just a child on the inside

Oh how I love Disney movies! xD

Last night I went to the Drive In with my Mum and we watched Bolt and Bedtime Stories, both of which I enjoyed very very very much! I actually thought Bolt was showing first but they showed Bedtime Stories instead.

Although, somehow I think the person up in that lil control room didn’t know what he/she was doing! After Bedtime Stories they started showing it AGAIN. And everyone’s like what??? So about a minute into the show people started blowing their horns (me included ^_^). Not only were they showing the wrong movie, but it was blurred and half the movie was off the screen. After about another minute, whoever was up there seemed to finally get the idea and everything went off lolz. So we sat for like 5-7 mins waiting for Bolt to start…during which, impatient people started flashing their headlights.

Apart from the movies themselves it wasn’t the best night cuz when I was hungry and wanted pizza they said there weren’t making any tonight. Ugh. That and samosas are the only things I really eat from the Drive In and they had neither that night. So I had to settle with they’re not-so-good fries *sigh* The food there isn’t so great to start with but still…

A friend of mine got a Rubik’s cube for Christmas! I was playing with it a little yesterday and now I want one too! Haha fun stuff…I keep wondering how long it would take before I would get frustrated with it though hmm…


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