Exams finished on Friday and I couldn’t possibly be happier! Vacation has had a good start so far too! Yesterday was my friend’s birthday =) We just had a little get together thing at my house and then we went to the drive in to watch The Day The Earth Stood Still and Lakeview Terrace.

The Day The Earth Stood Still was a pretty good movie actually…I liked it =D Lakeview Terrace wasn’t too bad…but it got boring after awhile watching the people go at each other over and over again. Ah well…was a good night all in all =]

My mom got Red Eye =[ so I’ll be working during the week in her place. It’s an alternative health business and since its December, it’s our slowest month of the year. Nobody wants to be healthy during Christmas and they’re all spending their money on buying gifts than products lol There’s always the “gift of good health” haha

I don’t mind working cuz there won’t be much work to be done. I’ll just take a book and read or I’ll take my laptop and watch some anime =D I’ve got a list of anime that I plan to watch during the next 6 weeks or so ^.^


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