So, out of the very little studying I have accomplished for the day so far, I ended up writing a poem. This one’s actually not based on anything in my life or anyone else I know. It was a fairly random one…I have written one in a couple of weeks but I’m still trying to improve my writing skills. So I hope it’s not too bad.


Obsession you say?
I will do all I can to find logic from untruths.
To decode where there is nothing
I will pull every string within my reach.
I will search every mile on this Earth’s surface.
I will drill to the core of the planet.
There is nothing that is impossible.
Nothing that i cannot reach.
Obsession you ask?
My obsession is driven by a lie,
By a desire to seek the truth.
I will find all evidence.
There is nothing you can hide.
With a persuasive tongue
All will turn against you
All will see your deception
Those tales you tell will fall on deaf ears.
You have nothing.
You have no one.
You have forgotten honesty
And lost all integrity.


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