Green Tea

I recently discovered that Barbados sold Green Tea! I don’t get out much so I didn’t really know…I tried a bottle of the Honey Lemon flavour and it was so yummy, then my mom went on to tell me that they were in the supermarket! =O! So last Friday she bought some and the other day I was drinking a bottle and I noticed a little label stuck on…saying where it came from or something (in Barbados) and noticed writing under the label! So curious me decided to peel it off and……discovered it has caffeine! Is it just me or…should people NOT be doing that?

My mom told me Green Tea normally has caffeine. She sells the actual bags of it. But you can get it without caffeine as well…she sells it with and without so that’s how she knew. But why in the world would anyone go and cover that up?? To get better sales? Cuz there are people (like me and my mom!!) who try to avoid alot of caffeine…we wouldn’t have ever bought any if we knew. And now that we do, we’re not buying it anymore!

Of course, I do drink coffee. Don’t get me wrong, I love coffee =] but I don’t drink it often at all. Only when I feel like drinking something different. I’m relatively sure that I haven’t had more than 10 cups for the year haha.

My life feels like its slowly being drained away from studying this much…I was SO close to having a breakdown last night *sigh* It’s nice to have friends to encourage you to continue trying your best =] Love ’em lots ❤


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