Lecturers Know Nothing!

So exam #2 was a whole load of cow poop! I mean…we did the Neuromuscular Junction in a different course (Locomotor System) but NO! Our lecturer just had to go put it on today’s test…Embryology! It doesn’t even fit into embryology in any way! And not only that, 1/4 of the exam was based on that ONE lecture! DUMB! Really….I can’t believe that woman.

And they need to proofread those exams before they feed it to us for us to fail. That way, if we fail, we’ll fail because we honestly didn’t know the answer…not because we can’t understand what our options are. Some of them made no sense whatsoever. And in our Spotter exam…ugh…nobody understood what her questions were asking and it confused everyone. DUMB!

Language barrier…uncool. She should go teach a Uni in Hindi instead or something…she might do better. Cuz here…we can’t understand anything she’s trying to ask or say…and she doesn’t bother to try to listen to what we have to ask or say! And so, again…DUMB!

Honestly, my lecturer is such a sweet little Indian lady…but she can’t teach for joke! -sigh- and she’s permanent too…for the rest of our medical student careers…-double sigh-…

Well, I’ve discovered that I always feel very relieved after each exam is over…whether it went good or bad. I’m happy either way cuz it’s done and I have less to focus on…and it also means that I’m one day closer to vacation.

I can’t WAIT for the weekend to come! =D


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