Day One

The week full of dread has finally arrived. I had my first exam today and it was just horrible. I’m pretty sure I failed the short answer question section…and hopefully passed the multiple choice….hopefully. I’ve never felt so awful after an exam before (or during for that matter). I saw words that I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen before…I didn’t learn many drugs and the ones that I did know…weren’t anywhere on the exam…DUMB!

*sigh* Motivation for studying for the next 3 exams? I think so. I’d hate to think that I did so horribly and I’d also hate to think that I’m setting myself up to fail. So, despite the lateness of it, I’ve finally decided to buckle down and do some real studying…something that I should’ve been continuing since 3 weeks ago but was too lazy to.

Oh! I’ve got loads to say about my very short trip to NY but…the time it’ll take to type it all up, I’ll use for studying instead ^_^ And I’ll post about my trip next Friday after my final exam =]

Next week’s exams:

  1. Introduction to Embryology and Histology – Monday
  2. Molecular Medicine – Wednesday
  3. Locomotor System – Friday

Can’t wait for it to be over!!


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