Quantum of Solace

Huge sigh of disappointment. I mean…really? Not so great. All the hype about it was for nothing and I wasted both $12 and about 2 hours of my life lol. I could’ve been studying!…or browsing facebook..whichever =P

The plot didn’t really seem like much of one. The bad guys…boring bad guys! I mean…there wasn’t anything interesting about them and they’re big crimes seemed like little ones. Not to mention there was a little too much action in it. I’m not all about watching action scene followed by action scene and more action scenes. In my opinion, there usually isn’t much of a plot when so much action is taking place with no little twists. But then there probably aren’t many twists one could fit into a poor plot like that. And where were all the cars? and girls? lol I sound like a dude for saying that but there really wasn’t much of either. My favourite part of the movie was when they showed all the awesome cool gadgets and computerisation. So awesome.

So I spent about half the day out shopping with my friend! It wasn’t too bad. I actually ended up doing a bit of shopping myself…not much though. I sure did end up finding out how well I could depress myself too (the only bit of drama existing in my uneventful life). Awesome.

We also met this little kid when we stopped by Cafe Blue for lunch. A disrespectful little boy with a rather irresponsible mother. She was apparently shopping and he was tired of it and he was hungry but she wasn’t and she wanted to finish her shopping. So they had a little argument at the table I sat at and after getting him food, she just left him. So my friend and I decided we’d keep him company instead of leave him all alone…he was only 8. But boy did that kid have one mouth on him!

So there’s my day! Quite interesting I guess. Definitely a nice change to being at home all day long studying. Which reminds me…I should really start studying for finals!


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