Dreams & Reality

I had a dream this morning about anatomy! I don’t remember it in much detail. But I was dreaming about a part of the lower limb that I’m sure I hadn’t covered yet. It was so odd. Such a pity I can’t remember any of it now =( The exam is tomorrow and I’m not ready! *sigh*

Apparently, I’m not the only one having dreams about work in the class =D There was a girl who was dreaming about Molecular Medicine (which was the test we had today) being on another day and she was so relieved and happy and then she woke up. Haha. Then another person was telling us about a girl who had a dream…or more like nightmare…that her Math notebook was chasing her then it got bigger and fell on top of her and then she was in class and all over the board there was Math Math Math. Imagining it was quite funny.

How interesting is it that work can come haunt you in your dreams? =P

The test today didn’t turn out to be so bad actually. I left early…something I seem to be doing in almost all our tests. Well, of course I had to guess some of the stuff but all in all it wasn’t half bad. I spoke to my lecturer about it afterwards and sounds like a couple of my guesses were right so yay! *does a little happy dance*

Now I’m just DYING for tomorrow to finish and then I’ll feel so relieved…only to have to start studying for finals in 3 weeks. I think the exam timetable is up so I’ll check it out tomorrow to see if I’ll get screwed over from the beginning or if it’ll come for me at the end. I’m hoping for the end. And I barely passed one of my exams from last week as well…54%…so horrible =(

The end of the week is drawing near! Yes! Quantum of Solace this weekend! I can’t wait to go watch it…and lime with my friends…and have fun…for once. =D


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