The Weekend Arrives!

I had a most super fun Friday evening this weekend! Such a dandy start to things =] Classes finished at 12 then me and my buddies were just liming and stuff…and I learned to do more stuff on a guitar…I’m so proud of myself =D So after our little lime I went off with some other friends to get a bit of studying done…and it was just a BIT that we really did get done between 5 and 11 pm. It was loads of fun and we went for pizza and stuff like that =]

It was such a wonderfully sunny day (sunny but surprisingly not baking hot) so I decided to take some pics of the view we get on campus. Aren’t they pretty? The first one is the admin building with an ocean view and the other is a view of Bridgetown, our main “city”. It’s so small…and I never really realised there was so much greenery around there until just recently =O

This morning my mom told me that the drive in is supposed to be showing High School Musical 3 next week and my jaw dropped! I was sooo surprised and happy, that made my morning and now I’m all excited! I’m gonna study hard all week long and reward myself with HSM 3, yayness!!! I really wasn’t expecting it to be brought out here.

This weekend is turning out to be pretty good =D I didn’t even take any of my cough meds yesterday and my coughing wasn’t so bad, I’m so happy for the improvement. I’d been coughing for about 4 weeks or so now! It was getting frustrating and worrisome..but I’m getting better and it’s finally going away so that’s another thing to add to my wonderful weekend so far =]


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